Senior Pharmaceutical Formulation Development Consultant

Ambrish obtained his BS of Pharmacy from Gujarat University before continuing his studies at Columbia University, School of Pharmacy where he received his MS in Pharmaceutics and an MBA in Marketing from Bridgeport University.

Ambrish has specialized in liquid and semisolid dosage forms for oral, parenteral and topical administration for 17 years at GSK/Stiefel, 9 years at Burroughs Welcome, 9 years at Alphapharm and 2 years at Chesebrough Ponds.

He has been responsible for formulation and process development activities for liquid and semisolid generic pharmaceutical dosage forms intended for oral and topical administration. Dosage forms included solutions, suspensions, ointment, creams, nasal sprays, metered-dose inhalation aerosols and suppositories. Formulation and process development has included pre-formulation excipient compatibility studies, stability evaluation, manufacture of clinical trial material, scale-up/optimization, technical transfer and commercial validation.

He has been challenged with enhancing bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs by using multiple technologies including wet milling, nano-milling/spray drying and hot melt extrusion.

He has participated in multiple project teams focused on development of new products and has consulted on due diligence reviews for potential assets.