An expert in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes and Equipment with extensive international project experience

Chris provides a broad range of technical engineering and project support to pharmaceutical and related industries. His background includes senior technical support and engineering positions with major pharmaceutical companies, where he has played significant roles in development of production and R & D facilities with a range of dosage forms including solid dosage, sterile, biotech and vaccines. He has also been involved with implementation and introduction of new technologies and equipment.

Chris studied mechanical engineering and in his early career, worked in control engineering in the petrochemical sector and spent some time in overseas assignments. Returning from a period in India, he joined Glaxo to provide control engineering support for a major R & D facility. Following this he transitioned into a similar role for international technical support where he became increasingly involved in equipment engineering and technology as his principal role. He has working in a variety of foreign locations in collaboration with local staff, and always established good working relations that ensured project success.

After an assignment in China, Chris joined Schering-Plough (SP) with responsibility for equipment for a new solid dosage plant in Singapore. Later he joined the SP’s corporate technical services, which later became Merck when SP was acquired by them.

Chris is a Chartered Engineer, MI Mech E, and Eur Ing. For many years he has been active within ISPE and until recently chaired the technical documents guidance committee, which manages and commissions the production of the societies guidance.

Examples of projects completed:

  • Redevelopment of existing biotech facility for the manufacture of insulin glargine.
  • Development of manufacturing processes for anti-fungal drug using hot melt extrusion
  • Development of contained facility for OSD manufacture including packaging
  • Development of specification for OSD materials handling automation system upgrade/replacement.