Establishing Advanced Manufacturing Capability

  • We develop long-term facility plans that support business strategies and provide confidence that the right manufacturing capability will be available when required.
  • By understanding your production requirements we can establish robust capacity plans, develop business cases for new capital investment, and install new capacity world-wide.
  • We advise on the purchase and renovation of existing manufacturing sites as an alternative to constructing new facilities, using our extensive expertise in due diligence and contractual negotiations.
Advanced Manufacturing Capability
Manufacturing Strategic Review – case study

An API Manufacturing business’ existing order book has suffered significant erosion and the companies investors were concerned about their long term viability.


The client wished to understand the potential opportunities to capitalize on companies manufacturing expertise and recommend strategies to maximizing shareholder value.


A strategic review identifying manufacturing and supply opportunities that would allow the company to capitalize on their strengths, and identified the risks and sensitivities that might restrict their ability to maximize shareholder value.

  • Review covered all aspects of the existing manufacturing business and assessed the risk of manufacture and supply from the manufacturing site.
  • Meetings with the companies leadership team and subject matter experts were undertaken to understand their current manufacture and supply operations, the demand for their existing products, the installed manufacturing capacity, the companies technical competency, the strength of their personnel, the installed manufacturing processes, the quality systems in place, their regulatory compliance, supply pricing and profitability.
  • Recommendation were made on restructuring the operations and on business opportunities.
  • The Leadership team’s competencies were assed and changes to team were recommended.