Verta Life Sciences have helped Pharmaceutical and Biotech Companies understand their capacity requirements, establish robust capacity plans, develop business cases for new capital investments, and build and install new capacity world-wide including the construction of new manufacturing facilities.

We start by conducting a detailed analysis of your projected customer forecast demands, we then take time to understand your existing installed capacity and existing supply plans. With this information we are able to

  • Identify ways to improve your existing capacity utilization.
  • Identify key trigger events that determine when additional capacity should be brought on line.
  • Help you select the most appropriate new technology.

Then with our network of consultants and strategic partners we can assist you procure, install and validate new manufacturing equipment as required.

We can also help you improve capacity utilization and deliver real productivity improvements by the use of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma tools and techniques. 


A pharmaceutical company anticipating significant growth in a new product was concerned that their existing contract manufactures did not have sufficient manufacturing capacity to meet the projected demand for drug substance.


Develop a capacity plan that minimizes and defers significant capital expenditure.

  • Reviewed the existing supply chain for Drug Substance (API) and determine if it had sufficient capacity to meet anticipated demand.
  • Identified the milestone events that trigger the need for additional capacity, and estimated the time required to add capacity.
  • Identified if contract manufactures were likely to have capacity available in time, and their willingness to add capacity.
  • Estimated cost of adding additional capacity.