Verta Life Sciences have helped clients improve; their manufacturing processes, process understanding, process control and capability.

They have identified, developed and industrialized novel, state of the art technology solutions for advanced drug delivery and/or drug manufacturing systems. Verta Life Sciences operate across all the stages of the product development and commercialization life cycle, in support of R&D and Manufacturing and/or Supply organizations. An integrated, end-to-end approach fully aligned with the client’s business model, strategies and organization goals, enables compelling business benefits to be achieved.

Verta can provide process and technology solution consultancy over a range of Pharmaceutical and Consumer Healthcare client requirements, including:

  • Supporting technology capital investment plans, by defining approaches, options and selecting the optimum process and technology solutions
  • Developing technology investment strategies and roadmaps
  • Proving new technology concepts, from feasibility and proof of principle studies through to equipment prototyping and industrialization
  • Researching and recommending alternative technology approaches, such as continuous manufacturing and process intensification
  • Finding novel drug delivery systems for new drugs, product extensions or combination therapy products

Verta Life Sciences have many years of Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Healthcare R&D and Manufacturing experience and have successfully implemented numerous new product and new technology projects. We can help you transform your current drug deliver and manufacturing capabilities, or help you find the optimum solutions for you new molecular entities.


A pharmaceutical company needed to radically improve its current Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) manufacturing process to significantly improve operational costs, yield and efficiencies. The company was considering moving from classical batch-based manufacturing to emerging continuous processing technology but was not sufficiently familiar with the latest proven technologies that may offer beneficial solutions, to make an informed decision on which way to progress.


Conduct a thorough baseline study, using a combination of interviewing known relevant industry experts and literature search of:

  • Proven micro/meso scale technologies employed globally in the successful, commercial manufacturing of chemicals and/or pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical and/or pharmaceutical companies actively utilising such technologies on an industrial commercial scale
  • Equipment and technology suppliers of the above systems
  • Independent organizations (such as Universities or Government funded bodies) capable of conducting concept evaluation trials

An Verta Life Sciences was engaged to provide a detailed baseline study report covering the above objectives, with recommendations on follow-up action, including short-listing of top 3 technology options and companies capable of running proof-of-concept study trials.

Following submission of this report of findings and recommendations the same consultant was engaged by the pharma company to assist with the preparation of a Request For Proposal for the selected 3 companies and subsequently set up the proof-of-concept trials with the chosen company.