Manufacturing and Supply Chain Consulting

Through our understanding of the challenges and demands placed on the supply of pharmaceuticals, biologicals and medical devices, we help you develop and implement manufacturing and supply chain strategies that establish the secure supply of new and existing products by:

  • Planning the successful launch of new products.
  • Conducting strategic sourcing reviews, rationalizing supply networks and outsourcing manufacturing.
  • Conducting Due Diligence reviews of existing supply chains.
  • Selecting the appropriate manufacturing and supply partners.
  • Managing the transfer of technology and products globally.
  • Integrating suppliers and contractors into an efficient and cohesive supply chain.
  • Delivering real and sustainable reductions in cost of goods.
Manufacturing and Supply Chain Consulting support areas:

Verta Life Sciences help clients establish a robust Manufacturing and Supply Strategy to support the supply of clinical materials and the successful launch of new products.

Strategies should be initially be developed at phase 2b and refined as product nears approval

Typical Contents
  • Objective
  • Product Background
  • Presentations
  • Regulatory Strategy
  • Project Milestones
  • Forecast Volumes and Revenues
  • Target Selling Price and Cost of Goods
  • Taxation Considerations
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Active Manufacture Site selection
  • Dose form Manufacturing and Packaging Site selection
  • Capacity Plan
  • Capital (CAPEX) Impact
  • Supply Chain Plan
  • Risk Assessment
  • Approval by all Key stakeholders