Selecting the best Logistics Server Provider is key to ensuring Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Compliance

Why required?
  • Logistic provide transports API to secondary manufacturing site and finished goods to distribution center
  • Distribution provide distributes finished goods to wholesales, pharmacies etc
  • State Pharmacy board licenses required to sell product in individual states (US example)
Logistics Service Provider (LSP) Selection
  • Develop LSP RFP package
  • short list appropriate logistics service provider
  • Trucking and costs from API Manufacture to DP CMO
  • Trucking and costs from DM CMO to Distribution Center(s)
  • Trucking and Costs to Customers?
  • Negotiate LSP Contract
  • LSP Quality Agreement
  • Drafting transportations SOPs
Determine Distribution Strategy
  • Determine customer base and location
  • Sample Strategy – any sales reps; contract sales force, how get samples from DP CMO to sales reps
  • Commercial Distribution – location of distribution center(s) and number
  • Define scope of services needed
    • Order management and fulfilment
    • Samples storage and dissemination
    • Temp Control Storage
    • Returns Management
    • Disposal/Destruction
    • Inventory management and reporting
    • Accounts receivable
    • Chargeback management
Determine Distribution Service Provide
  • short list appropriate Distribution service provide
  • Distribution service provide proposal development
  • Review RFPs and select provide
  • Negotiate Service Contract
  • Distribution Quality Agreement
  • Distribution service provide in place
State Licensing
  • State Pharmacy Distributer Licenses