Verta Life Sciences have helped companies to enhance the productivity of their people and deliver sustainable results from their strategic programs.

We do this by working with clients to design and deliver bespoke programs that focus on enhancing people skills to catalyze the achievement of business change.

Our experience includes:

Leadership Development.

Helping leaders discover how they can enhance their personal effectiveness and reach their full potential by supporting others and creating a motivating climate

Team Development

Helping teams learn how to work together more effectively and develop a supportive, enabling culture to achieve higher performance and get better results.Management of site closure programs.


Helping to create energy and engagement in meetings and workshops to deliver increased commitment and more successful outcomes.

We can also teach you how to become a better, more confident facilitator who can help a group to work as a cohesive and constructive unit.

Our consultants can assist in alleviating issues that arise during the delivery of strategic programs to help ensure that the benefits of strategic programs live on after the program has been completed.


A pharmaceutical company wanted to ensure continued compliance in an environment of increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.


To enhance engagement with the company’s Quality Management System in order to reduce the risk of compliance failure and regulatory censure.


Established a global program that helped people develop their understanding of and commitment to implementing quality policies, processes and procedures.

Increased confidence of ensuring continued compliance in an increasingly stringent regulatory environment.

Created an even more effective mindset that enabled people to make strong personal connections to what they do & how they do it in relation to delivering quality products to patients and customers.

Helped leaders to develop their capability to lead in a manner that motivated and inspired others.

Developed a network of expert facilitators to deliver the program locally and take account of local language and cultural traits.

Established a globally connected schedule of activities to track progress and implemented project controls to monitor and report on progress