Verta Life Sciences help clients integrate new acquisitions into their existing business operations.

Once the due diligence is complete and all eyes are on finalization of the acquisition its critical to begin the planning process associated with quickly integrating the new asset into a companies existing operations.

Our consultants have played lead roles in the management of integration following major corporate mergers and the acquisitions of new business and products by corporations of all sizes.

Integration Management– Case Study

A major pharmaceutical company acquired a specialist virtual pharmaceutical company for $1.6 billion and wanted to integrate the manufacturing and supply operations as quickly as possible.


Integrate the manufacturing and supply function of the virtual company into the operations of the major pharma company, allowing the virtual companies operations to be closed down as quickly as possible.

  • Established and implemented a plan of work to integrate the manufacturing and supply operations of the virtual companies into the operations of the major pharma company as quickly as possible.
  • Reviewed the existing supply chains to determine if they were fit for purpose. Identified the work required to improve security of supply and lower cost of goods.
  • Reviewed the existing manufacturing and supply agreements with contract manufacturers to determine if the agreements should be assigned as written or re-negotiated.
  • Transitioned the existing sales and operations planning process to that of the major pharma company.
  • Transition the order fulfillment processes to that of the major company
  • Identified the existing inventories and transitioned inventory management to the major company.
  • Agreed termination dates for the virtual company employees and transitioned knowledge from the employees prior to termination.