Using experience gained managing the global transfer of over 20,000 products for a major pharmaceutical company, Verta can help clients ensure the successful technology transfer of production to new supply sites globally.

We do this by helping you build a fully integrated project plan, which takes you through a proven 10 step process (see diagram below) that identifies the activities and resources required to ensure a successful transfer. With your functional experts and/or using our network of consultants and associates, we identify the risks associated with transfers and establish mitigating actions to minimize the impact of these risks.

Successful technology transfer must be closely aligned with the overall regulatory strategy for the products being transferred. Based on our extensive global knowledge we are able to help you build your regulatory strategy to ensure successfully registration.

During the technology transfer implementation stage, Verta help you manage the transfer process and provide functional experts to support key activities during the transfer process as required

Technology Transfer
Technology Transfer – Case Study

A major supply network rationalization project for a major pharmaceutical company called for the transfer of over 20,000 product technical transfers within in-house and external manufacturing sites globally with no disruption to supply.


Implement a robust technology transfer process to ensure technical transfers occur on time with no disruption to supply


Based on best practices established a robust 10 step technical transfer process Rolled-out and trained local technical transfer experts in 99 manufacturing sites globally.

Established a Program Management Office to monitor transfer progress and provide expert resources to intervene where required, ensuring successful transfer Over 20,000 product transfer completed with no disruption to supply.