Whether launching a new product or enhancing and updating an existing product, we bring over 25+ years of hands-on experience.

We specialize in artwork development for small companies who do not have an in-house creative team, meeting both regulatory and commercial requirements.

We have worked on over 100 new product launches that included both primary and secondary package design, as well as new product logos and production artwork. We have prepared copy submissions for FDA, Health Canada and EMA, in single and multiple languages. We can also review and make recommendations to improve clients’ in-house artwork process.

We have reviewed and improved our clients barcode systems, which are used for passing commercial information for distribution systems and retail sales. We have assisted clients with setting up their connection to GS 1 and managed their registration process to reserve their NDC #s within the USA commerce system.

Additionally, we have guided and assisted clients with their vendor selection and set up of software & hardware in order to comply with serialization regulations within their target market.

Artwork – Case Study

EMA artwork submission required a bottle label design for 8 different strengths, incorporating 3 languages + braille.

  • Develop a label large enough to accommodate the regulatory copy without causing packaging issues for the manufacturing site; meet EMA guideline requirements.
  • Select color palette to differentiate multiple strengths.
  • In collaboration with the manufacturing site and print vendor, we determined a maximum label size that would work smoothly on the packaging line. An Extended Content Label structure was developed, which included a peel-back to reveal a fold-out leaflet.
  • We worked with a translation service to ensure that each language was written concisely to minimize the amount of text, while still meeting EU market requirements.
  • A color study was performed to ensure that each of the 8 strengths had an effective visual differentiation to prevent dispensing errors.