Allowing Companies to focus on what they do best

There are a growing number of smaller companies specializing in discovery and development. Traditionally development companies have sold their products in late stage development to larger companies who complete the clinical studies and commercialize the product. However there are an increasing number of these smaller companies who see the added value of completing registration and commercialization themselves.

The core competencies, skills and experience of these companies are naturally in product development and in expanding their portfolio of development assets.

Verta Life Sciences specialize in supporting these groups by managing the supply and commercialization of new products starting at late clinical development and/or after commercial approval, allowing the product’s owners to realize maximum revenue while staying focused on the next development.

Specifically we take all responsibility for the supply of products globally, including all aspects of:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Sourcing and Managing manufacturing
  • Establishing and Managing sales and operation planning processes
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quality Management
  • Logistics and inventory management
  • Marketing
  • Commercialization

We have helped companies launch and manage new products with annual sales ranging from thousands of units for specialty products, to large scale commercial products with sales in excess of $5bn.

We do this by developing and implementing robust Product Introduction Plans that:

  • Manage the supply of Phase II and Phase III clinical trial materials to ensure clinical trials have sufficient product to meet demand.
  • Identify and select suitable manufacturing partners for phase III and launch.
  • Manage the Technology Transfer Process to new manufacturing partners and sites as required.
  • Design new packaging and artwork.
  • Manage the implementation of new manufacturing technology and processes at manufacturing and supply partner’s sites.
  • Manage the selection and establishment of third party logistics and distribution service providers, including import/export requirements.
  • Plan for the successful launch of new products by establishing pre-launch supply plans that provide sufficient product to meet launch and growth projections.
  • Implement sales and operational planning processes to ensure product supply and manage inventory levels.
  • We have a proven track record in helping large pharma, small entrepreneurial pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies launch and supply products globally.
  • We understand the North American and European markets.
  • We have the expertise to manage supply, import/export, and distribution.
  • We know how to drive sales growth.
Case Study

A startup small pharmaceutical company needed assistance and expertise to purchase legacy products from a large pharmaceutical company.


Help client acquire products at appropriate value in reasonable time period and start up supply operations in Switzerland.

  • Assisted client in reaching an agreed product purchase at an appropriate value.
  • Provided business development support working with legal groups to draft term sheets, asset purchase agreements, supply agreements, trademark agreements, etc. and negotiate to protect interests.
  • Post-signing, supported the creation of a new pharmaceutical company and integration of the products into newly established supply chain systems, warehouses and commercial channels as well as facilitated quality agreements and required artwork and regulatory changes.
  • New company established in Switzerland to supply products to the US market.

In short, Product was acquired in 4 months and began generating sales for new company with no disruption from supply from both CMOs and previous product owner’s supply sites.