Optimizing the value of technologies

Small and medium-sized companies do not always have the resources or capability to fully assess the possibilities that their technology or in-licensing candidates offer for value creation. For example, a monoclonal antibody will have numerous disease targets of different value: these possibilities need to be systematically prioritised; a small molecule with many possible indications needs pre-clinical and clinical experimental plans that deliver all the potential value of the asset while optimising the level and timing of investment. 

In a competitive space, companies that do not deeply understand the competition run the risk of missing partnering and investment opportunities. Failing to anticipate the competition that an asset faces will lead to inadequate pre-clinical and clinical evidence plans, impairs product-positioning, fails to optimise pricing strategies and risks destroying value.

As payers become more important in the uptake of health technologies it is critical that companies fully address the reimbursement challenges and that clinical, manufacturing and supply chain strategies support the development of a profitable product.

Verta offers a well-proven methodology for enunciating the full value of a technology (medicine or device) and developing an efficient set of plans to optimise the value. I help companies make their vision come alive by creating the key strategies and supporting plans. Depending on the stage of development and the internal resources available a company can expect to get some or all of the following:

  • A clear understanding of the value of the technology – the vision and value-inflection points for the asset.
  • A cohesive product strategy: disease prioritisation, indication sequencing product positioning; pricing & reimbursement goals.
  • Understanding of the factors key to manufacturing and supply chain success.
  • High-level plans for evidence-generation, lifecycle planning and data dissemination.
  • Medical affairs and commercial plans to support launch strategy.