For market sizing and assessments of consumer package goods (over-the-counter, personal care or general merchandise), prescription drugs/Rx and food or beverage, we have over 75+ years’ experience combined successfully launching over 200 brands across over 40+ diverse product categories.

Our backgrounds include working for global consumer package goods leaders such as Procter and Gamble which are experts in market sizing and assessments.

We specialize in working with small companies which may not have access to appropriate, syndicated and trade association databases which are critical resources for market sizing and assessments.

We also have extensive networking contacts globally for industry experts, consultants, non-competing manufacturers and even leading retail executives to help determine market potential for new products as well as the competitive landscape for all product categories.

Additionally, having successfully launched over 200 brands, and having consulted with another 150+ brands at various stages of development, we have invaluable expertise and insights into assessing what each product’s true potential is based on the funds available for launch and on-going support.