Providing customer-focused quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and business improvement services globally to the pharmaceutical industry.

Afshin provides quality assurance and regulatory compliance consultancy services to the companies within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology supply chain.

Afshin was formerly Director of Quality Assurance for the Global Supply Network of GlaxoSmithKline, and is a QP via permanent provision with detailed working knowledge of European and FDA regulatory requirements with over 20 years of experience of auditing pharmaceutical manufacturing sites across Europe and USA, as well as preparation for and fronting of EU and FDA regulatory inspections.

Afshin is acknowledged expert in quality management system for pharmaceutical supply chain, and advises companies on developing and validating Cold Chain Supply process.

Afshin is a member of the UK standards committee for development of the ISO GMP standards for packaging components. He is a regular speaker at Pharmaceutical industry conferences in Europe and the USA. Afshin is also a visiting lecturer at the London Metropolitan University.