A highly experienced pharmaceuticals professional with exceptional supply chain leadership record.
Instrumental in capital spend of over £ 25m to support annual turnover of £ 400m

Bharat is a highly experienced pharmaceuticals professional with over 30 years supply chain management with Global pharmaceutical leaders such as GlaxoSmithKline. Bharat’s expertise lies in end to end supply chain management with proven expertise in heading up manufacturing operations in Africa and regional management of supply of FMCG being based in the Head Office in London, UK.

He has been project leader of over £ 25 million of capital spend to enable adequate capacity in manufacturing operations enabling additional £ 200 million of sales. He has led the introduction of over fifteen new FMCG products in Africa, Middle East and S. E. Asia.

Bharat has a M.Sc. in Quality Control and Pharmaceutical Analysis from Kings College, University of London, UK, and a B.Pharm First Class Honours in Pharmacy from Kings College, University of London, UK. He is a member of Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and has held Chairmanship of Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya, and Kenya Association of Pharmaceutical Industries. Bharat has a Lean Sigma Green Belt and delivered operational savings of over £ 2 million using OE tools.

Bharat has lived in 3 different countries (UK, Kenya and Nigeria), and conducted business in more than 20 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia Bharat resides in Stanmore, London, UK with his wife Daksha. In his spare time he enjoys jogging and watching cricket and football.